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Originally Posted by CelestiaLegends
:P hold on, if the first of the series is lisenced, can the second half be subbed as well?
Why in the world do you think the first season has been licensed. If it was, then it certainly wouldn't be available for download via AnimeSuki. While Geneon (Pioneer) are the sponsors, it would need to be sponsored by Geneon U.S. (the American branch) before it would be considered licensed. And it's the hope that since Geneon are the sponsors, there might be a chance it will be picked up for U.S. distribution. A lot of licenses are announced during the American summer convention season, so we may hear in the next few months if it has become licensed or not.

Or do you just mean that if it does get licensed before the next series starts, can it then be subbed? If so, then it rather depends on the terms of the license so it's difficult to say at this point in time. While it looks likely there will be a second season, there's no guarantee it will happen. As for "can it be subbed if licensed", that's up to the fansubbers, in most cases fansubbers do not distribute a series if licensed.
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