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Dr. Slump: I saw this ages ago in Korean dubs. Funny stuff about a scientist who makes an android girl. Or is this the wrong anime [it was called Doctor Sulumpu in Korean engrish].

Tekkaman Blade: Released as Teknoman in the US. Only half the series was shown on the UPN network before it was cut. No other mediums were released, so it is hard to find.
Luckily, a group is currently fansubbing Tekkaman Blade. The memories...

Iria: I was forced to watch this by my friends. They got it from their older brother, an anime collector. I didn't want to watch it, but after watching the first few minutes, it was cool.
Interstellar bounty hunting. Umbrella powered craft. Battle spoons. Cool villian alien. The portable Bob.
If you can find this, it's worth watching.
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