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Originally Posted by kj1980
Momotaro no Shinpei and other wartime propaganda anime of the late 1930s to the mid 1940s
I was going to name wartime propaganda anime as the rarest thing I'd seen, though I've only seen some clips of one of them in a lecture that Jonathan Clemens was giving at the London Sci-Fi Film Festival a few years back. He showed a clip of one where all the people were portrayed by animals (I think), and there were some English generals with English voice actors (presumably prisoners of war)--all the English people talked very strangly, and Jonathan thought that perhaps they were purposely talking wrong as a sort of rebellion.

I'd love to see the rest of the one I saw (and any others), as they're quite fascinating, both from a historical perspective in terms of the war and in terms of animation itself. I think I can understand why they aren't shown that often in Japan, though. Would they be legal to release for historical reasons, or would the be banned outright? I know loads of Nazi things are banned in Germany, but I don't know what Japan's policy on wartime propaganda is.
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