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Originally Posted by besieger View Post
This discussion of kanji really amuses me. You have NO idea how a person whose first language is made up of those things will react when he/she sees this.
Well, it can't be helped I guess. What is fun is fun, we are going to stop just because we might(or even "probably") be wrong. If someone who actually understand something, please say something.

Originally Posted by Kogetsu Shirogane View Post
Here's my, as usual, bad attempt at trying to redo something... might continue on to Untitled's 2 and 3 later.

Spoiler for Untitled 1, Yuuki ver. (Shirogane rough draft):

But now, acfter reading besieger post, I wonder something. "幽鬼(yuuki)" is "ghost/spirit" as "soul of someone who died". Have that "ghosts" from the original 『Untitled 1』 the same meaning? Sometimes, two word that are related in a language are not in another.
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