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So I've been thinking...... maybe Squado was sent by Kaidou? I mean, we know that he tried to take a potshot at Whitebeard before Shanks came along and stopped him, so maybe he sent Squado to do the dirty deed for him? I think that's a possibility.....
Was thinking the same. That or the unknown Yonkou.

We'll find out in the next chapter for sure if he is a logia or a paramecia. Squardo should be aware of what kind of devil fruit user Whitebeard is. If Whitebeard is a logia, Squardo should know that it would be pointless to hit him with physical attacks since they just pass right through.
I believe Logia types have to enable their intangibility. If they're caught off-guard they can be physically hit (as seen when Smoker went flying through a cafe when Luffy hit him in Arabasta). Though all known Logias are adept enough to reflexively enable their intangibility at the slightest hint of combat. I'm pretty sure WB isn't Logia, but even if he was he could still have been stabbed because of the close proximity of the attack and that he regarded Squardo with much trust.

I wouldn't rule out WB knowledge that Squardo was a spy, mostly due to C559-7 when WB tried to contact Squardo but he wasn't available. Surely WB put more thought into why his most trusted New World captain was mysteriously gone.
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