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Hm, not so sure about this one. As far as i remember was all the info we got about that Kaidou-accident, was that he tried to intercept Whitebeards forces on their way to MHQ. There was nothing said about motivation.
That's true. All that was stated was that he attempted to intercept Whitebeard from going to MHQ, but then Shanks prevented him from doing so. We don't know if he had any hostile intentions or not, so his alignment is unknown at this point. If he is a villain, he may have tried to weaken Whitebeard so that the WG would have an easier time eliminating him at the war. If he's concerned about the state of the world's affairs, he may have tried to stop Whitebeard because he felt that declaring war against the WG would have serious repercussions, like jeopardizing the balance of power. I'm interested in finding out more about his motives.
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