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Hey, thanks for that commander chart, aohige! Y'know, I still have trouble figuring out whether the gun-toting commander in the kimono is a woman or not (did he/she lose an arm since being introduced 9 chapters ago? ). By the way, I also love the design of that big bald guy with the cigar. Maybe Oda will give us all the commanders' names in an SBS or something......

Anyways, awesome chapter is awesome. I pretty much already gave my view of it from the spoiler summaries, but I just want to say once again that I absolutely love the Buggy interview. I wonder how long it'll continue before the marines spoil the fun.....

Also, I really hope that Squado is a really tough bastard because next chapter he's gonna have a bunch of pissed-off pirates on his ass like mice on peanut butter.

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@MarvelB: I don't know exactly what it meant, but one of the Whitebeard pirates mentions that Vegapunk experimented on corpses in order to make the Pacifistas. It's not quite your obsession with Zombies, but it'll do for now, right ?

Strange, I didn't see that in the translation I read.... though if it IS true, then I'm glad to see that my prediction of zombie Pacifistas (somewhat) came to light.
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