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Originally Posted by james0246 View Post
Actually, looking through the raw, it was simply a bad scanlation/translation that I found on a certain website that must not be named...

So, no Zombies for least until Halloween...

Ah, that's alright. Heck, I'm just glad to see to Moria back on his feet and enjoying himself as usual this chapter. Kiiishishishishi

By the way, Whitebeard's REALLY gonna be screwed if Squado coated the blade of that sword with poison.....

Originally Posted by Talendra View Post
Hm, not so sure about this one. As far as i remember was all the info we got about that Kaidou-accident, was that he tried to intercept Whitebeards forces on their way to MHQ. There was nothing said about motivation.

Well yeah, I guess you're right. Still I just threw that idea out there since I really wouldn't find it surprising for there to be some discord amongst the Yonkou (they are pirates, after all). So I figured that maybe Kaidou or the unknown emperor wants Whitebeard dead so they can usurp his position as "King of the seas", and sent Squado as a "double agent" of sorts to finish the old man off. I'm sure that they'd take full advantage of the chaos that would ensue due to the imbalance of the world powers.....

But again, that's if Squado was sent by the other Yonkou. It's also entirely possible that this something he planned on his own.....
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