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It can be hard for well-endowed women, from what I've seen. They do indeed have heat rashes etc. underneath, back pain from the extra weight, and then there's the matter of gravity (I suppose you could say the bigger they are, the faster they sag).
If this girl ever does make it to a bed, then pregnancy would definitely be a risk, and a very good potential plot element. Even if she is "responsible". I've known people who had been devoutly committed to protection, extremely careful, and that didn't matter. Condoms, jellies, pills, none of them are 100%; those methods that are absolutely effective are tend to be too risky for official approval. It would be interesting to see a show that actually deals with the slim but real possibility for things to happen in spite of proper protection. Of course, I can see why people might not want to show such things, sort of like bringing attention to cases where medications don't work.
Of course, pregnancy is not likely to become an element of the story for a long while at least, since it looks a bit like it might take her a few decades to manage to get a guy. It's nice to see a pretty girl that awkward, and to see an average guy get some chance with her. Normally it's either a bishonen or a perv who ignores social rules who takes the girl, and the average-looking guy who's actually NICE is left alone.
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