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akigakuyuu: Of all the characters, I'm most curious about Relena. She's not the only female featured in the OP for nothing. If "Duo" is her kid with Heero, I'm with kitsoru on Heero's reaction to the braid. xD

As for popsicle!Relena, Heero is most definitely in on it if J tech is involved. For all we know, he's frozen with her or guarding over her body. It would be irresponsible to just freeze her then leave her with out any guard just in case someone stumbled upon her. Damn, this reminds me of Sailor Moon. @_@

And hey, President Dorothy Tiberius Catalonia might not be half-bad. Demmit, I really hope Sumisawa tells us what that effing T middle initial is.

Elo: Golden trucks. xD

I think he's fronting. He's worn priest clothes for years so why not integrate the disguise into his identity? And if he is a priest, did he preside over a secret wedding between Heero and Relena ala Romeo and Juliet? I bet he lol'd through the whole ceremony.

Kitsoru: I'm with you on the Princess Aurora theories. I really hope finding out who she is will be a good pay-off and not totally lame.
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