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1. Apparently the ladies of Aqua, English Cherries, and Nejimaki got together to read the latest Gundam Ace (at a pub of all places, LOL), and Suu of English Cherries has written about it on her blog. Not 100% sure but it sounds like the "Relena and an elderly person in conversation" part is from Gundam Evolve 07. (Source:

2. kora of the fanfic site "The edge" has written something similar on her blog. Also, she mentions that the manga artist Tokita Koichi tweeted recently that he had been requested permission to use some plot from the "Battlefield of Pacifist" manga. (Source:

Hmm, do we see a pattern forming here?[/I]
F*CK YES AQUA ahem >u> <U< Oh man I'm PRAYING she comes out with some new doujin due to this, that would be SO amazing.... It's already impossible enough to find her doujin. =__=

Anyway, I've watched all of Gundam Evolve (I love that episode aaa) and yeah, I had guessed that was where it came from. Since it was animated, I guess they consider it canon. Makes sense. I always loved that conversation...

Hmmm... BoP, huh? I need to get my hands on that, augh Dx I don't really know what happens in it. Interesting that they're trying to get permission to use manga material of all things, though. I guess Sumisawa's trying a little bit of everything..

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The term used to describe Duo was 初老. In the description 初老の男 means "a man past middle-age". Jim Breen's dictionary also states that しょろう means "age 40". Either way you look at it, he's over 40.

And I find it amusing that Tokita was contacted. He wasn't the one that wrote the scenario for the manga. But that did get me thinking if a line that Dorothy says, "I'd like to find out if General Kushrenada's and Zechs Merquise's plan to bring peace through war can actually work." will be the basis for part of this novel or not...
Ahhh, okay. Thanks for the clarification. It's been a loooong time, I guess.... I wonder if they'll do flashback/forwards to pieces between then and the series? I can only assume so.

Hmm... war beginning again, huh? Sounds like a way to link it in with Turn-A Gundam's 'end of timeline' scenario XD
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