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Just picked this up today, 2 hours in and it's been an enchanting moment. Most reviews already pointed the slowdown problem, which isn't that bad but does annoy. Loading time was relatively ok, about 5 to 10s depending how large the stage is.

Do note, if you aren't very good with brawler type of action games, go easy mode. This isn't the usual mindless bash em up, you have to time your combos and beat tactical retreats to recuperate your POW bar while juggling your soul sucking garden. It's very easy to get tempted to try and plow through the mobs but that's one very easy way to drain your resource. You can always go back to some stage to try for S ranking and farm item/gold/soul.

And don't try to hog all the items, there's very limited space for the plethora of goodies you can have so pick the essentials and sell the extras. One tip for the first 2 chapter, hang on to your Painkiller potions, they are great for bosses and you can't make em yet till later.

I'll write a more extensive review once i pump more hours into it but so far, it's been very fun and the story, engaging.
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