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You see, the core of the illusion is not that nobody saw a dead Kinzo. Wouldn't be much of an illusion then. It's that everyone hears random daily eyewitness reports and observes physical evidence of a living one, who continues doing things he was always doing -- taking walks, arguing with family through the door when a bad mood rolls in, eating meals in his room, playing chess with his doctor and butler, and any decrease in the frequency or length of these activities is due to his slowly failing health rather than any abrupt change in it. Closing the door forever and pretending Kinzo is alive in there is only going to work for a couple of weeks tops if none of this happens.
As far as I know, this only happens during the family conference. Remember that Kinzo's study is like a separate house. We even hear from Jessica that "he's so wrapped in his black magic that he never even comes to eat dinner with us" (Natsuhi scolds her shortly after, interestingly). So yes, there's absolutely no need to set up a complex fake schedule to fool Jessica or Gohda. Both of them just assume that Kinzo refuses to come out of his study for anything, and both of them claim that they believe this is the case. It's not like Jessica really cares that much.

@Kaisos Erranon:
Can you point to a line that actually proves it? Remember that she never likes going anywhere near Kinzo's room because of the smell, so she's probably heard all the details about him from Natsuhi and Krauss.
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