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As far as I know, this only happens during the family conference. Remember that Kinzo's study is like a separate house. We even hear from Jessica that "he's so wrapped in his black magic that he never even comes to eat dinner with us". So yes, there's absolutely no need to set of a complex fake schedule to fool Jessica or Gohda. Both of them just assume that Kinzo refuses to come out of his study for anything, and both of them claim that they believe this is the case.
Complex - probably not. Some kind of fake schedule definitely has to be there, or Gohda would notice the master of the house never eats anything he cooks, even separately from the rest of the family. I expect Gohda would be very annoyed if he had any suspicion of that.

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@Kaisos Erranon:
Can you point to a line that actually proves it? Remember that she never likes going anywhere near Kinzo's room because of the smell, so she's probably heard all the details about him from Natsuhi and Krauss.
I don't think there is one, I've just read those particular scenes specifically looking for something like that. What Jessica seems to say about Kinzo is just the result of the illusion working - retransmission of eyewitness reports as if they are firsthand truth, because they are, to the limit of her knowledge, truth.
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