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Had a lot of time recently, so I used it to count probability of apearance for characters in railgun manga (normal chapters (up to 41) + special chapters, but without crossline at the end because it was missing for some chapters). I wanted it in more detail, so I didn't counted number of pages, but number of frames (typical page has 3-8 frames), with rule that one character can get max 1 apearance per frame (even if there are multiple of them in a single frame - mostly for misaka clones). I am not a robot, so I might have mistyped few times when i was counting it, but the general idea is accurate.

total frames: 6808 total chapters counted: 46
01. Misaka Mikoto: 2551frames, percentage: 37.4706%
02. Shirai Kuroko: 898frames, percentage: 13.1904%
03. Kamijou Touma: 550frames, percentage: 8.07873%
04. Misaka clones: 497frames, percentage: 7.30024%
05. Uiharu Kazari: 483frames, percentage: 7.09459%
06. Accelerator: 362frames, percentage: 5.31727%
07. Kiyama Harumi: 314frames, percentage: 4.61222%
08. Saten Ruiko: 300frames, percentage: 4.40658%
09. Frenda Seivelun: 198frames, percentage: 2.90834%
10. Kongou Mitsuko: 188frames, percentage: 2.76146%
11. Mugino Shizuri: 176frames, percentage: 2.58519%
12. Nunotaba Shinobu: 169frames, percentage: 2.48237%
13. Konori Mii: 79frames, percentage: 1.1604%
14. Takitsubo Rikou: 56frames, percentage: 0.822562%
15. Kinuhata Saiai: 47frames, percentage: 0.690364%
16. Shokuhou Misaki: 40frames, percentage: 0.587544%
17. Akemi: 15frames, percentage: 0.220329%
18. Muu: 15frames, percentage: 0.220329%
19. Mako: 13frames, percentage: 0.190952%
20. Yomikawa Aiho: 4frames, percentage: 0.0587544%
Quite surprising results even for me..
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