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Originally Posted by Undertaker View Post
I don't know, at least for next season, it'll just selling season tickets to me for Broncos consider there is really no one left on the offensive market and Broncos got almost no receiving corp.

Story is picking up now. According to WEEI Sport Station, Broncos is looking to move Tebow and apparently they don't expect him worth more then a mid or late draft pick and might even outright release him if they can't find a deal.
Heh, surprised to see WEEI mentioned here... I listen every day on my way to work, have been since I was 16.

Anyways if Tebow goes to the Pats I highly doubt he's going to be a sit-on-the-sidelines backup... Belichick is interested I would assume because of Tebow's versatility which BB loves. You could have him playing other positions under the Patriots system, but you better make sure to have Hoyer around as your reliable backup because having a backup QB in all these other roles is pretty risky injurywise.

Originally Posted by Demongod86 View Post
Sigh...Manning, wtf u doin, bish?!

If he went to SF, they'd be the team to beat, perhaps the best we've seen since the 2007 Patriots. Moss, the whole defense, the ground game...mai gawd...

I suppose John Elway must have made a real impact on an impressionable Manning.
Yeah, I was really expecting a Super 49ers team when I heard of Moss and Manningham signings. They're still going to be a damn good team if they can replicate their defensive success and Moss actually gives them real production instead of dramatics.
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