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And now the chips is on him to get 49ers to SB cause that is a hell of a team he got around him.

Originally Posted by ChainLegacy View Post
Heh, surprised to see WEEI mentioned here... I listen every day on my way to work, have been since I was 16.

Anyways if Tebow goes to the Pats I highly doubt he's going to be a sit-on-the-sidelines backup... Belichick is interested I would assume because of Tebow's versatility which BB loves. You could have him playing other positions under the Patriots system, but you better make sure to have Hoyer around as your reliable backup because having a backup QB in all these other roles is pretty risky injurywise.

Yeah, I was really expecting a Super 49ers team when I heard of Moss and Manningham signings. They're still going to be a damn good team if they can replicate their defensive success and Moss actually gives them real production instead of dramatics.

Yeah, I rather have Hoyer as back up as well. Though Tebow does sound interesting is he'll willing to switch position.

As for the 49ers, I don't expect their defense to drop off, or at least not a huge drop off. Their defense is young and not only were they opportunistic on turnovers, they have the yards against to back it up as well.

They really got screwed when their primary Kick/Punt returner Ginn got hurt before the Giants game and his backup ends up costing them. (as well as the late miss call)
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