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Originally Posted by LunarMoon View Post
It added a lot of things, actually, and the execution is infinitely better for it. In the original novel, the flashback started with Kiritsugu and Shirley talking in the car, and then the next scene had her attacking the chickens.
Then that's even better than I thought. If they did it the same way it had gone done in the novel, I would've been left confused as to what had just happened and why should I care at all for any of these guys.

Even if it was a stupid mistake, I could understand why Shirley did what she had done, going by her scene with Father Simon and her talk with Kerry being the successor of her teacher and the only one who could really use this amazing power to help people.

Had it gone the way you said it did in the novel, I wouldn't have gotten any of that. I would've been scratching my head thinking ''How did she drink that in the first place?'' and thought nothing of Shirley or how important she was to Kerytugu.

Seriously, this episode was more show than tell, and for that reason I now hold it in even higher regard.
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