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Even then, having not read the novel, I thought this was an excellent episode in regards to being a stand alone story of who Kerry was, how did he start to become the sort of person we got to see in the majority of the series, and how did he start to travel down the path of darkness. I thought it was fascinating, and all around excellent as an anime episode. I don't know how well it does as an adaption, maybe they removed a lot of things or rushed a lot of stuff, but as far as I care, it worked in delivering it's message, and making me care.
I said poor adaptation. Since season 2 began (after the first episode), there has nothing but rushing and glossing over scenes. They should have made this series longer if they wanted to focus on unimportant stuff.

Secondly, the flashback was a lot longer than the novel which was a one chapter interlude (basically showing Shirley speaking to Kiritsugu then all going to hell. That was it). They crammed 4 and a half chapters in one episode (last one) while they stretched a single chapter in another? Who taught this people pacing? Next episode doesn't adapt anything in Fate/Zero novel but a side story. It's derailing the entire story with unimportant stuff that wasn't published under F/Z. Go and do a special OVA for Heart of Freaks and let's focus on the Grail War.

Kiritsugu flashback could have been done in 1/4 of an episode and move on.

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