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I remember reading somewhere (think it was the Kyoani thread) that the staff are aiming to be more "family friendly" in their future projects.

The "restrain on moe" is my personal comment, nothing noted by the staff. Just something that I feel Kyoani over-indulges on to the point it sometimes becomes cringe-worthy if you're not into that kind of stuff. I'm talking about reliance on excessive antics, slapstick comedy or the next cute marketed catchphrase. I hardly felt that in Hyouka (vast majority of it was in Chitanda and the "Kimi ni Arimasu"), I felt it in flying in colours in Chuunibyou and I'm feeling about half and half from this pilot episode. However, I also felt a family friendly vibe with a dash of Cardcaptor Sakura from this which was nostalgic and pleasant. Hopefully the latter will keep up, and given Kyoani's general good track record when it comes to consistency (not necessarily quality) I'm optimistic this time.

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I'm satisfied, though I can't tell the reason because I might get arrested for it.
Lemme guess... MC's imouto?

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