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I disagree with you all.
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Several of you people raised an interesting topic at the thread for the previous episode. I do agree that the tactic Kugel employed to implement the GA social order onto the Earth and its people doesn't fall into the category of religion. In fact, ten thousand years ago the very concept of religion did not exist for humans at that time.

What Kugel described in detail how he and Stryker plan to turn the Earth into a second Avalon for the Earthling humans relies on two arguments:
Except that Stryker wasn't trying to reproduce the GA's social order, where soldiers aren't even full citizens. In the end, for all her talks about the GA, her plan was all just based on power crazed fantasies of being at the top of the ladder. Whether Stryker developed those on her own or as a result of Kugel's own possible descent into madness before his death doesn't matter.
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