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Chess Master

Decapitate me with any pointed object of your choice if this thread has already been posted, as I'm absolutely sure it has not. Right now, the only thing I know about this series is that it is (or was) a joint work by Chinese and Japanese. I don't know how you'd really classify this series, but for me it is suffice to say that it is anime - look at the trailer here if you don't believe me.

Personally, I like sports anime especially those who put something unique in their presentation that make the anime endearing to me. I like Hikaru no Go; I'm loving Akagi. (I love Akagi because it is an antithetical sports anime. It isn't made of kids with positive outlooks towards the future and their later lives: it is made of a teenager (or a man) who has accepted how the world works and works in its schemes. This teen isn't even scared of death - something you don't see in many sport anime.

Asides aside, this is a pretty inviting 'anime' (or collaboration, whatever) because chess is something more accessible to me - even if the characters are in Chinese, I'm pretty sure that once I get to know what the characters mean, I would know the flow of the game. What's better is that I am actually an avid fan of chess, and know the game by heart (more or less). That doesn't mean I'm great at it, however. I decided it was apt to consider it to be an anime series mainly because of how the characters were drawn and animated (from the trailer, anyway) and also of how they just look. Having said that, I think that loli on the left side of the website posted above (that of the trailer) looks cute.

Do not worry, however - once I have seen the first episode I'll be sure to update on what it's all about here. Until then,

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