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Originally Posted by ijriims View Post
Imagine two different scenarios:

1. Shannon was dressing up as suit-Beatrice, waiting outside in the garden (or inside the mansion) for Rosa to run out for Maria. Fortunately, Kyrie pointed out it was going to rain heavily to Rosa, so that Shannon (and Maria) did not need to get showered in rain.

2. Kyrie told Shannon to dress up as Beatrice and waited inside the mansion, Kyrie said she would remind Rosa about the weather before it was going to rain heavily. When Rosa ran out of the mansion, Shannon showed up.

Which one was more plausible?
None of them. Shannon is seen serving tea to the adults in the very scene Rosa rushes to Maria. There was no time for Shannon to dress up as Beatrice, even less to get a make up to resemble her. It is either that shannon wasn't disguised at all or it wasn't Shannon but someone else.

Originally Posted by Marion View Post
Oh I remember now. Yeah I see what you mean.

But at the same time you have to wonder - Kyrie says the Beato she saw looked like she was in her 20's, but Shannon is still pretty young looking.
Well... by that reasoning if a 4 year difference is too much, then who can possibly be that Beatrice?

There is only one (female) person who is closer in age, and that's Jessica.

If not then you'd have to think it is an X person.

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