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That doesn't explain why Hanyuu appears in a corporeal form a year before the start of the story (to Ichirou Maebara) but is invariably incorporeal after that point in time (except for Matsuribayashi-hen).

I think that since Hanyuu became corporeal in an attempt to help Rika, she simply no longer saw a need to remain in that form after Rika survived past June 1983.
Maybe both Rika and Hanyuu couldn't accustom with Hanyuu's corporeal body since they have lived with Hanyuu's "ghost" form for the past hundreds years. So Hanyuu decided to return to her normal form and clear everyone's memories about her.
Their living cost would be lower that way as well, (and Rika can be back to her sadist self -> punish Hanyuu whenever she want)

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