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I just finished watching this after pulling off a marathon, and maybe that's how this type of random anything goes type of series are best enjoyed so that you don't lose track of whatever is happening.

To be truthful, I was going to come here to write how I had only found it to be midly enjoyable, in a 8/10 series way, but after seeing how so many people seem to find the series ending on a down note I feel the duty to write a more positive note.

Anyway, I think the series has just the right level of randomness for a series of its kind. The series lacked direction in the sense of plot and steady character development, but the character dynamics and inter relationships were a fest to watch. The overall dynamics of the show also appealed to me a lot, and I kind of liked the wacky humor the series used.

Overall, I think its a good series of its kind. It did for me what Excel Saga never could, and I think that if there ever where a second season I'd watch it.
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