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All right these are the right screenshots however I'd like to point out that the professor didn't say straight away that the writing is the same. He's going by memory and he himself isn't so sure.

As for the second matter

1) the witch's record isn't red text, there is no need to think it is 100% accurate. Actually if you look it carefully it was created in a way to be deceiving. It first tells you that the police found a "gruesome scene" and then jumps on the fact that this was later known as the "rokkenjima serial murder" completely omitting to say that this was due to magazines and talk shows and not because the police actually backed this. Since they omitted this important part there's nothing strange in the fact many other things were omitted.

2) If you claim that the episode3 continuity is different than episode1 or episode2 continuity, then you could as well say that the handwriting stuff also only applies to episode3.

But I don't believe so because the witch's record and what the future of episode3 shows are perfectly compatible. Anything that seems a difference can be explained by omissions in the way the facts are presented. In other words they describe the same thing. The witch's record differs only in that it gives more fragmented informations.

In conclusion I see little reasons for Ryukishi to have shown to us a future scenario that has only relevance for a single timiline. What Ange found out about Beatrice must apply to all the games to have any meaning.

To Renall.
You made a very nice analysis there. However that amount of money if we suppose that every locker contains the same amount is way too huge to be explained with a mere servant pay. Even Shannon can't possibly have that cash.

I think the only possible solutions are:

1) Since Beatrice owns the gold she converted into money a few ingots. As far as I know they were never counted, and even the anime shows a pyramid that appears to be short of a hundred ingots to reach 1000.

2) There is an external collaborator that provided the money to Beatrice. But who would make such an useless investment?

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