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Originally Posted by Renall View Post
Ange would be aware of this, but she never brings it up. She also never brings up whether she's in any of the letters.
And while we're at it, Ange never brings up what it was she found in that fisherman's hut. (It's pretty obviously Sakutaro, but...)

You guys think there's a lot more stuff Ange knows that she's not telling us?

Originally Posted by Antera Caramichael View Post
I was wondering reading your post:
Could it be that the "missing" in the game record could suggest that there is survivors?
For example, is there any indication in Ep3/4 that Jessica's corpse was found? It could be a hint for telling us that if there is survivors, they could have reasons to hide themselves.
The TIPS kind of suggest that those labeled as "missing" are, in fact, dead, given the state of their bodies. Also, they're always either stated to have been "welcomed to the Golden Land" or "eaten by the demons and sent to Hell", and Battler's death TIPS in Ep4 suggest that Hell and the Golden Land are one and the same.

Originally Posted by Used Can View Post
I don't think anyone should have disguised himself/herself as Beatrice, if we're talking about Maria, since she's quite gullible. In EP3, she easily recognised EVA as Beatrice, right after she called herself that way. So, I think anyone could easily have just told Maria he/she was Beatrice, and she'd probably have believed it.
They'd definitely have to have a witch-like outfit and match Maria's idea of what a witch is generally like, though.

...It would probably be very easy to figure this out just by looking at her notebook, though.
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