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Originally Posted by xris
No, Blue*Dragon was spot on in the forum he chose to post in (makes a change joking). The Fansub forum is for discussing anime series currently available as fansubs. Note it does say "available as fansubs", so until we see a torrent here on AnimeSuki, it doesn't belong there but in the General Anime forum.

Once there are fansubs available via AnimeSuki, the thread will be moved and also added to the Series Discussion Index sticky. Sometimes, if there are promos or trailers, it gets moved over sooner (My Hime, for example).

But back on topic.

Blue*Dragon, tell us about the series. Give us a description more than just the "Kinda an Gundam Wing look a like" one line comment.
Well, don't wanna annoy you but you might wanna check this page

Seems the series is on animesuki and being subbed by Anime-Classic , so I guess it belongs into fansubs after all

As for a description of the show (for those who might be interested)

Ninja Senshi Tobikage tells the story of a boy named Joe Maya. One day, Joe, who lives on Mars, witnesses a battle between aliens. Those from Planet Zaboom are attacking the princess of Planet Radorio, she has escaped from the emperor of Zaboom who is scheming to conquer the universe and has crash landed on mars. Joe stumbles aboard the princesses ship, this starts a chain reaction of events that will alter their lives. Joe and his friends wield three powerful mecha beasts against the emperor of Zaboom and his forces, but the odds are stacked heavily against them.
When all hope seems to be lost a mysterious ninja robot named Tobikage appears as if from nowhere to provide assitance, able to combine with the 3 mechanical beasts provides Tobikage with unmatched power, with his aide Joe fights the forces of Zaboom... but where did Tobikage come from? and who controls him?"

thx to the Anime-Classic forums for posting a description
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