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To keep this as on-topic as possible...I'd say that Shirley herself would probably disagree with that description of Lelouch.

And rightfully so, as a matter of fact, though I won't elaborate on Lelouch here. Suffice to say that he is a flawed character, by all means, but his mindset is different from that of Charles in a few important yet often overlooked respects.

Now, I don't think Shirley would have wanted Lelouch to do what he did, to say the least, but I feel she would be far more understanding, to a greater or lesser extent, particularly if she had survived the events of R2 episode 13.

Not just because the poor girl was in love with him, I must stress, but also because Shirley managed to gain a certain amount of insight into the nature of Lelouch's personality, even though she failed to gain access to many of the details of his other life and the dangers surrounding it. Alas, it's interesting to think about what could have been but there's little that can be done.
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