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That's why I think Shirley is the closest thing there was to a proper love interest. This isn't supposed to be a romantic show, so yeah, I thought the romantic aspects dying with Shirley was a rather apt symbolism.

The translation I read for that thingy also said Lelouch didn't have romantic feelings for anyone in particular, but I think it's better if fans interpret things their own way. They should leave things like that completely ambiguous, so I think they really shot themselves in the foot with the C.C. - Lelouch revelation. Regardless of what they intended, they fucked up if they wanted their relationship irrevocably platonic. I prefer them platonic, actually, but it could easily be interpreted as romantic. /lol off-topic

People should just think what they like. And preferably not bash each other in the process, but hahaha like that's going to happen.
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