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Originally Posted by surerman View Post
good :thumbup read then watch the anime

hmm..but if Amakawa young family leave while Yuuto still under "unawakened power protection" protocol, why they didn't questioned by other 10 about Yuuto allergy? and the cause why they leave?, isn't it will troubled the other 10 household? except if the engagement is kept a secret between the 2 family only, which make the 10 didn't attack Jinguuji for the curse.

so here's the time line:
*wikipedia source may be change since my last visit to the page about this manga
*I use different scanlator manga so some chapter may have different info than yours
*I also add some of my conclusion based of the manga, novel and anime

- Jinguuji weak power [chapter 16 page 17]make them research West Magic to gain respect [chapter 17 page 3]
- Jinguuji gain power (note: Kuesu even 10 times more powerful than normal demon slayer) [chapter 19 page 13]
- Jinguuji called Heretics for using western Magic [wikipedia]
- Amakawa head feared the Jinguuji being cast off by other 10, propose engagement [wikipedia][my conclusion]
- The engagement taken place in Yuuto and Kuesu generation [chapter 19 page 1]
- Kuesu meet Yuuto for first time [chapter 19 page 1], then Kuesu fought Amakawa demon cat for the first time [chapter 19 page 2], but Kuesu lost [chapter 17 page 4]
- The first kiss [chapter 11 page 4]along with the Cat Allergy curse performed [chapter 18 page 16]
- The Amakawa young family leave the house hold [chapter 10 page 13], 3 protection layer put on Yuuto (Parents, Charm, & Himari) Amakawa head hand Yasutsuna over to Himari before passed away[conclusion]
- Yuuto and Rinko meet for the first time [chapter 9 page 7]
- Yuuto parents die when he 9 years old [chapter 9 page 9], Rinko and her family take care of him [chapter 1 page 9]
- Himari come in his 16th birthday [chapter 1 page 10]

there's also missing one :
- Amakawa demon cat turn crazy so they execute it [chapter 13 page 27] [chapter 2 page 7]
Well, I agree with the timeline but I still can't see that the Amakawa family except the head left because of simply a cat warding curse.

hai, hai. Onii-chan has his work cut out for him.
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