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You haven't looked.
2007! Eesh. I can see why it was denied then, but that request would no longer be denied.

quite a few people seem to feel the mods have no real interest in managing the Claymore section beyond moderating reported posts.
In a sense, that may be true. It's not intentional, it's just a matter of priority. When a series finishes, much of the audience moves on to the next new thing. More people equals more problems, generally, so with all of that activity we have to be more active ourselves in ensuring things run smoothly. With decreased activity, it's easier to be away more often to focus on those newer series, because if something does happen we can usually rely on reports to fill in for the gaps when we're not around to check up and see how things are.

Claymore is the exception to the rule in series subforums. It is one of the few series that has long ended its anime run, and it essentially revolves around two threads: images and new chapters. We don't normally do new chapter threads in other subforums anyway, since a general thread is typically enough to satisfy most discussion purposes. The number of people who discuss in this subforum is small as well, which tends to lead to cyclical and off topic discussion simply because "fresh" members are not as common anymore.

When it comes to thread creation, we restricted it after some of our forums were already established. For example Bleach, One Piece, and Naruto all have user created threads. The reasons why we restricted it to mod only creation are thus:

1. It cuts down on redundancy.
2. It cuts down on clutter.
3. It allows the moderators to step in and prevent problematic topics from being created.
4. It forces people to think about the thread instead of just simply making it; this tends to produce more focused topics.

Trying to box me into some kind of logic paradox isn't going to win me over. That is why I responded to gooral's post with a grumpy tone. I'm fully aware of how easy it is to play semantics with how a topic could be classified, but since this is clearly a problem of communication, I'll be more lengthy about why the requests were denied.

1. The Survivor game. This has two problems. The first is that it is clearly a forum game. The second is that it promotes versus discussion. "I think x is better than x, no I disagree". Is it more "interactive" than a character poll, sure, but character polls are an exception to the rules. They may not always produce intelligent discussion but they serve their purpose well enough.

2. Requests for information threads. I have created a translation thread, and a supplementary thread. That's about as far as I'm willing to go. If you want something more like a wiki, just go make a wiki. I'll be happy to link to it.

3. Requests for threads that discuss meta posting. In particular, the request for a thread where people discuss posts from the past that turned out to be accurate in restrospect. It may (or may not) be interesting to point such things out, but we do not need an entire thread for such purpose.

4. Complaints about how quickly a chapter thread is up. This one in particular irks me. This community knows damn well how fickle chapter releases can be. The time between spoilers, raws, translations, and actual fan releases varies wildly. Sometimes all of them come together quickly and a chapter is out fast, sometimes it can take weeks to show up. To further complicate things, the majority of the spoilers that appear right away tend to be fake, and the community likes to invent spoilers to pass the time.

Ultimately the key problem with the last point is that the community is going to have to ask themselves a question: how much moderator involvement do you want? To be blunt, I can easily make chapter discussion threads just about the chapter. I know many of you wouldn't like that and would think I was killing fun. On the other hand, the lax attitude the mods have toward the forum means threads aren't going to be created asap and thread requests may not be responded to immediately. Pick your poison.
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