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Originally Posted by Solace View Post
1. It cuts down on redundancy.
2. It cuts down on clutter.
3. It allows the moderators to step in and prevent problematic topics from being created.
4. It forces people to think about the thread instead of just simply making it; this tends to produce more focused topics.
Short version: it cuts down on work? Which is not an unreasonable position to take with not that many moderators per a large forum, but could be stated more plainly.

At least in the Claymore sub-forum, it simply moves the redundancy and clutter from the thread listing to (typically) the chapter threads themselves; allows the moderators to overlook that unless there are complaints; and more or less forces people to go off topic in established threads because getting a new one created takes too much time and hassle and is quite likely a losing proposition. Unfortunately I don't think I'm exaggerating too much. Also, in the currect system there seems to be quite a bit of "I don't like it so I won't create it" involved, and I'm not sure the mods can always be the best judges of what topics are "pointless", especially if they're not actively engaged in a sub-board. So it just comes down to asserting authority, sometimes in an abrasive way (from both sides).

Ultimately the key problem with the last point is that the community is going to have to ask themselves a question: how much moderator involvement do you want? To be blunt, I can easily make chapter discussion threads just about the chapter. I know many of you wouldn't like that and would think I was killing fun. On the other hand, the lax attitude the mods have toward the forum means threads aren't going to be created asap and thread requests may not be responded to immediately. Pick your poison.
I personally would much prefer for the chapter discussion threads to be about the chapters, or at least without lengthy detours. However, it would not be reasonable to clamp down on chapter threads without there being good places to direct the many non-chapter Claymore discussions. Perhaps there should be a proposal brainstorming round to get some more general discussion overflow threads created that would cover some domain but wouldn't be too narrowly focused. That's just my opinion though, not counting on it to be widely shared...

I'm not trying to box you into some kind of logic paradox or anything, and in fact I can continue to live with the current setup with the occasional grumble. I just don't think the situation is inevitable and I don't like the atmosphere where quite a few people secretly (or even semi-openly) resent the mods because they feel the mods (randomly) enforce but don't engage. I do not share this resentment myself, but in a way I can see why people have developed it. Trust me, I'd rather be lurking and making occasional snarky remarks than trying to be some kind of Claymore board reformer here (especially since I'm much more of an all-AS person and not a hard core Claymore fan, my recent posting record notwithstanding). In fact, had you not mentioned "my" Organization topic by chance, I probably wouldn't have said anything.

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