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Thanks for the rapid and detailed response; actually the best post you've made with this entire discussion, particularly in that you went into why those other 'exceptional' games are, well, exceptional -- after all, their are only so many that can be considered such before it feels like favoritism is playing a part somewhere, but your words at least explain a different story for each of them.

It's fine if you're upset because people have had perceptions about you, but their's no need to vent it out in public unless your speaking to someone individually - other people don't necessarily feel the same or are even aware of these perceptions. It's the same with "sarcastic responses or assumptions"...unless I'm mistaken, I don't think I've given you that kind of treatment - no need to assume people have negative attitudes and fire-back in response; I wasn't even aware you sugarcoat your words in the first place - up till now, at least with this discussion, you seem to have been the opposite .

Lack of communication on both sides seems to be what's seemingly building up all this negative attention and perception -- lack of response and/or attention from moderators for the users, and annoyed users, whether justified or not, annoys the mods who are not as invisible as people think, yet not as "omnipresent" as you said. When you get down a think about it - everybody's seemingly angry simply because nobody is talking ; kind of silly actually.

Emotions aside, and barring Claymore's popularity or possible lack-their-of which I already went into (at least on this forum mind you), It's interesting that you say that the anime-rewatch threads have been successful in other threads for other series - who knows, maybe it succeeds in the original goal in the first place. I personally don't think it will work because, as I said, something like that I feel needs bigger communication between point in it if nobody is actually rewatching it in the first place, but who knows....anything is possible I suppose. It doesn't feel like much, but, in a way, what's most important actually is that everyone at least seems to share the same sentiment that this place could use a little rivigorating - everyone just seems to have a different idea about going about it.

At any rate, thanks for the clarifying response
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