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Originally Posted by don_Durandal View Post
Someone did mention somewhere that there might be another Another in each medium (novel, anime and manga).

Anyway, unto the topic at hand: there are a few points that I need someone to clarify for me.
- In the first episode the visiting classmates have trouble saying Sakakibara’s name. Mei later explains that the classmates associate this name with “a cruel irrational death that occurred at school”. Yet later they don’t seem to have any trouble saying it anymore. Is this ever explained?- why was the librarian surprised about Kouichi being Ritsuko’s son, and how come Misaki also knew about her? Yousuke did mention on the phone that she was special.

(On a related note, if “Sakakibara” is Kouichi’s father’s name, what is his mother’s (and Reiko’s) maiden name? And at that point I'm even starting to wonder if he's really the father.)

There’s also the mystery about Kouichi having been in Yomiya before that needs to be resolved. He doesn’t remember it, but an external source (his father) confirms it, and Akazawa mentions meeting him (was it really him she met?). This coincides with “the situation two years ago" (episode 4, 18:30). Wasn’t that when the “inexistent” student broke down and refused his role?
Note that they took a class trip to Tokyo the year before, so there's also the possibility they met there and then.
On the same topic, there’s also Matsunaga remembering seeing Reiko recently, something which she denies (is she lying? And/or and was it really Reiko?).

With Mei mentioning that siblings look alike in episode 10 we can’t even be sure that everybody is who they say (or think) they are anymore.

I can think of three types of hints which would be useless to the majority of us:
- it requires being able to read kanji
- it requires being able to recognise someone (it’s anime and everybody looks alike!)
- it requires being aware of a specific Japanese custom
I sure hope it’s something more concrete than that, especially since the source material is a novel and thus shouldn’t require visual hints.
Ad Clarifications:
He has the same surname as a 13 or 14 year old boy who killed a 13 and a 10 year old student some time before that. There is a longer explaination about this in the novel and someone has already translated it somewhere. ->They just got used to it.

The Librarian was suprised because she was in the same class as the original Misaki and thus his student. Mei only read the name from the picture. You esentially just have to count where she stands and take that name.

I think the inexistant refusing his role was 7 years ago when they visited the temple, I might be wrong with that though. it was certainly not the first time someone did that though.

-Mei's look alike comment: You will have to find that one out yourself, both confirming and denying it could spoiler.

Ad useless hints:
Saying what kind of hint it is would actually spoiler everything, and since I can't read japanese I also can't say whether the autor smacks it in thee readers face as much as the anime does. I will however say a few words regarding your ideas:

ad 1): If they don't change anything regarding that when the BD comes out you are not required to read kanji to solve it.
this would be unfair even to the Japanese as some Words are pretty hard, even for japanese high school students.(Otherwise a certain Joke in a certain different anime would not work)
ad 2): You are always able to distinct characters in this anime by some way so no, its not that.
ad3): Its not a japanese custom either.
it being animated might help a bit but if they didn't change the dialogue too much you can easily get it without it being animated.

Originally Posted by haguruma View Post
that I feared it might make the search for that one person more to easy. But I will come back to that once it has been revealed on the show.
Same here.
I don't think anyone got that essential piece as of yet though. Hard to remember 14 pages of speculations and theories though. I'm not even sure we are talking about the same clue.
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