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Originally Posted by TinyRedLeaf View Post
This is one of those instances where being able to read kanji makes a lot of difference. The real-life "Sakakibara" was 酒鬼薔薇. It wasn't a real name as much as it was an alias people came up with to tag the boy murderer whose actual identity had been kept secret. Contrast this with Kouichi's surname, 榊原. So, it isn't that the boys had the same "name", but rather that their "names" shared the same sound.
Yes, of course you are right, but explaining that would have taken up unnecessary space right now. I already answered that section so many times by now, I've started to keep it short. Basically in a translation saying "they sounded alike" would appear strange as in Roman letters it is Sakakibara both ways.
In my translation of Mei's and Kouichi's conversation I limited the part where they talked about the Kanji to "his classmates wrote his name the same way Sakakibara did"...which gives a proper idea of what is meant to somebody who has no idea of kanji.

Still basically, they are both names Sakakibara and this name rung a bell in 1998, no matter how it was written in the end.
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