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Well, the fact that Kouichi's name is at the bottom of the roster proofs that he was added after it was finalized, otherwise he would have been placed between Kawahori and Sakuragi at No.11 and not at No.30. Being placed so far down shows that he was added afterwards, at least after the class-order had been formally decided upon.
The question is, would the one person more actually appear visibly as someone who joined later? This would be against the coherency the phenomenon seems to aim for, as it would actually draw attention to this student, wouldn't it? On the other hand, his status as an outsider transfering into the school would perfectly disguise any doubt about nobody having any contact to him up until 1998.
Or Kouichi could have originally been at place 29 but the inclusion of one person more among the students before that pushed him down one place. As the roster is only observed by him and Mei in June, it is already 3 months after the school year began and the roster would no longer be a completely believable source.

Still his position on the roster shows that his arrival wasn't announced early enough to warrant his placement in the original roster when it was first published.
Still soon enough for a desk to be added though.
Adding a Desk is a matter of 10 minutes and they definitely knew he would be there in April, which is when thee introduction scene takes place and Reiko tells him where his school is.
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