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That makes sense. The story doesn't flow well, and things sometimes seem rushed. Maybe he saw that fanbase was wanting a follow-up series and decided to just do it.

And I agree. He is falling prey to the cliches he sets up.
Weell... I don't know exactly how well the Genesis series/OVAs sold (it aired so late at night that ratings are irrelevant), and how many fans the franchise had, but it wasn't very successful or popular, which is not very surprising as the series does tend to be somewhat of an acquired taste. (The OVAs are much more serious and straightforward, and I found them boring and much less charming, because of that.) And by the time Evol was unveiled the only thing most people even knew about Aquarion was the theme song by Akino/Kanno that pretty much encompassed the anime's popularity - I still think that what Amata says in ep 1 about the movie is a reference to this. So it's not like there was an Aquarion fanbase clamoring for MOAR MOAR!! The most common reaction from fans that I've seen when Evol was unveiled was "...what? why? why now?"

And I think for many fans of the earlier series Evol jumped the shark with this episode (as someone mentioned earlier in this thread). It doesn't matter how many "clues" there are in Genesis if no-one has even noticed them until Evol went "HE WAS THE DOG, GUYS!" (and even this way it totally clashes with the end). And I really wonder how much those viewers who haven't seen the first series and haven't spoiled themselves to death (which is to say, most of Evol's viewers) understood from all this. Introducing a twist and then basically saying "if you want to know why this is important watch the prequel" - this is crappy writing, period. Especially since the twist effectively retcons the prequel.

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If the dog was always a part of his plans all along then he had plenty of chances to include it into the storyline, like with the Reika= Scorpius bit.
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