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Originally Posted by Triple_R View Post
No, that's not about it. Zessica has come to Amata's rescue in real, practical ways several times. Heck, you could arguably even say that she's saved his life before.

Surely that should count for something.
I mean actually making an effort to chase after him after she realizes that she likes him. Just saving someone isn't a sign that you love them, nor does it always make that fall for you (if they were interested in someone else) at best it just makes them thankful.

As for what kuro wrote - Zessica flirted with Amata for a long time, which most people would take as possible romantic hints. So why should Amata or any of the other characters in this show be surprised at Zessica confessing feelings to Amata?

The timing of her confession was very surprising, of course, but the simple fact that Zessica had feelings for Amata shouldn't have surprised any character that was paying even the least amount of attention to her interactions with Amata before the confession.
Zessica only flirted with him when she was messing with him and not interested in a relationship. But once she realized that she like him she stopped flirting. And from her characterization it was obvious to everyone both in universe and outside it, that she was playful, so neither Amata nor anyone else took her flirting seriously, and why should they? She wasn't exactly a serious person in this area, and she wasn't being serious with Amata. Plus afterwards she gets really quiet stops flirting around and hanging out with him for no explained reason, no one probably thought much of it.--This was actually something that Kuro pointed out.
Honestly, I think this anime has handled Zessica's initial crush well, and her confession as well. What came after that is much more questionable, but the lead-up to the confession was fine, I felt.

Zessica didn't get serious about Amata until episode 8, and everyone knew she wasn't serious.

Short of denying her own feelings, Zessica has been very considerate of Amata's feelings. She hasn't pushed anything on him, she hasn't become angry with him (a lot of girls in her situation would have), and she didn't think less of him because of him seemingly preferring Mikono over her. Short of perfectly and quickly getting over him (which, frankly, lots of real life teenagers with crushes have a hard and long time doing), I don't see how she could have been more considerate towards him.
Really? is that why she chooses to confess to him in front of everyone during a mock battle, instead of calling him aside and doing it privately? Also who was the person who Amata heard that he wasn't destined to end up with Mikono from again? That's right Zessica, she was trying to get him to stop chasing after Mikono, not because he could get hurt but because she liked him, and she wanted him to look at her. That isn't being kind or considerate to the person you love.

What "desperate move" are you referring to?
changing her style to be more like Mikono, offering herself up as a sacrifice to Altair, the whole "maybe in 12,000 years" thing, after Amata turns her down. And let's not forget trying to convince Amata that Mikono is destined to end up with Kagura.

What's so wrong with that? Should the girl have no hope or self-esteem whatsoever?
Not false hope, to the point of delusion, especially when its proven time and time again that he just isn't interested in her like that. Which makes her "love" for Amata more of an obsession with him than anything else. Most girls after being told no, would try to move on. In fact its more hurtful to your self-esteem to continue to chase after a guy who just isn't interested in you.

You and kuro are awfully hard on Zessica, in my opinion. This wouldn't bother me so much except that both of you are extremely forgiving towards Amata. It does seem like a bit of a double-standard to me...
Because let's face it, Amata hasn't done anything, so there is nothing to blame or forgive him for.

The only thing that I have seen blamed on him is Zessica's behavior and getting in the way of Kagura ending up with Mikono, and lets be honest here, Zessica's current condition is her own fault. It's Zessica's own fault that she refuses to move on, especially after Amata already turned her down. And with Kagura its all one-sided as Mikono hasn't shown an interest in him, just pity.

Its no double standard here.
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