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Originally Posted by wisteria233 View Post
I mean actually making an effort to chase after him after she realizes that she likes him.
So on the one hand, you and kuro keep saying that Zessica should have done more to chase after him romantically.

On the other hand, you both keep saying that she should just get over him right away, as though that's as easy to do as it is to say.

So which is it? Should she keep chasing after him, or should she just give up on him?

The fact of the matter is that Zessica has done more for Amata than just worry about him.

Just saving someone isn't a sign that you love them,
It's a sign that you care about them.

nor does it always make that fall for you (if they were interested in someone else) at best it just makes them thankful.
No, not at best. A lot of people would be more grateful over getting their lives saved than what Amata has been, imo.

Zessica only flirted with him when she was messing with him and not interested in a relationship.
That's just your opinion and interpretation. I disagree with it. So I also disagree with your argument that she was only interested in a relationship with him starting from Episode 8. I think that her relationship interest in him started long before that.

But once she realized that she like him she stopped flirting.
No, she stopped flirting when she started to feel jealous of Mikono, imo. I think that those jealous feelings made the flirting less enjoyable and/or productive in Zessica's eyes. She had a relationship interest in Amata before she stopped flirting with him, imo.

that she was playful, so neither Amata nor anyone else took her flirting seriously, and why should they?
Flirting, especially between teenagers, often indicates romantic interest. That's why the other characters, including Amata, should have at least considered the very real possibility that Zessica was interested in him.

Quote: that why she chooses to confess to him in front of everyone during a mock battle, instead of calling him aside and doing it privately?
That was simply her emotions getting the better of her.

Also who was the person who Amata heard that he wasn't destined to end up with Mikono from again?
And who later encouraged Amata to fight fate because she didn't want him to be sad? That's right, Zessica did.

And it's perfectly normal and just being human for a person to be pleased when somebody they have romantic feelings seemingly becomes available. I can't believe that you and kuro are seriously faulting Zessica for that.

You are holding her to the standards of a Saint! It's ridiculous.

changing her style to be more like Mikono,
That's not much of a "desperate move". Even if it is, it's not hurting anyone.

offering herself up as a sacrifice to Altair,
That had to do with a lot more than just Amata.

the whole "maybe in 12,000 years" thing,
That also didn't hurt anyone.

And let's not forget trying to convince Amata that Mikono is destined to end up with Kagura.
Yeah, because one mumbled line is sure going all-out to convince someone, eh? What a hurtful, desperate move!

Not false hope, to the point of delusion, especially when its proven time and time again that he just isn't interested in her like that.
The only thing that's been proven is that Amata is in love with Mikono. We don't know where his mind or feelings might go if he gave up on Mikono. It's not totally inconceivable that he might have a change of heart over Zessica if he was to give up on Mikono.

Which makes her "love" for Amata more of an obsession with him than anything else. Most girls after being told no, would try to move on. In fact its more hurtful to your self-esteem to continue to chase after a guy who just isn't interested in you.
And that's why she hasn't actively chased after him, in spite of what you and kuro might want. She's simply giving him hints that if he gives up on Mikono, she's there for him. I don't see anything particularly inconsiderate or wrong about that, given that Zessica clearly isn't interested in any other guys, and given that Kagura is competing with Amata for Mikono (and LOL at the idea that Mikono is definitely not interested in Kagura; I'm far from the only one that thinks that Mikono gets turned on by Kagura).

Honestly, if I was in Amata's shoes, I'd be flattered by Zessica's actions and I'd feel sorry for her.

Because let's face it, Amata hasn't done anything, so there is nothing to blame or forgive him for.
Inaction itself is blameworthy in some cases. Amata and Mikono's failure to act more quickly and decisively has contributed to massive problems, and it's not like they're unaware of how these problems have been building up (this is especially true in Mikono's case).

The only thing that I have seen blamed on him is Zessica's behavior and getting in the way of Kagura ending up with Mikono,
No, that's not all he's been blamed for. He's been blamed for not confessing to Mikono already. If he's that set on her, then act on it already, which would have helped to mitigate against a whole helluva lot of problems. Amata can be rightly faulted for this... if you're going to be as hard on him as you and kuro are hard on Zessica.

and lets be honest here, Zessica's current condition is her own fault.
"Moving on" is not as easy as you and kuro make it out to be. Amata could have handled matters at least a bit better. He's not entirely blameless in all of this.

I think that you're only considering Amata's feelings, without showing even the slightest consideration to Zessica's.

Is that a double-standard? Well, it looks like one to me.

Originally Posted by kuromitsu View Post

Basically, what wisteria said. But just to add some of my thoughts:

I don't know, telling him that he has no chance with the girl he loves and finishing it with "I'm glad you and Mikono are not meant to be because this means I have a chance with you," is not exactly being considerate of his feelings. ^^;; It's a good thing that Amata was too distracted to hear and/or process what she said because he would've had every right to be angry at that.
So he has a right to be angry at Zessica for inadvertently causing him possible heartache (I myself would have been a bit miffed, but mostly flattered, by Zessica's comment there, but whatever), but she doesn't have a right to be angry at him for causing her the same by sloppily handling an implied rejection of her?

Again, that looks like a double-standard to me...

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