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She grabs Amata's arm and outright tells him in episode 15, and then again in episode 18, and he hears her. It was a line meant for Amata and he heard her say it. The simple fact that she keeps saying it to him means that she is trying to convince him of it.
What did Zessica say in ep 18 that was meant to convince Amata that Mikono and Kagura are destined lovers? Sorry I couldn't remember it.
Problem is Zessica was trying to push Amata in giving up on Mikono in a passive aggressive manner. That's why she keeps on telling him that Kagura and Mikono are destined lovers.
telling a guy that the girl he likes is meant for another person isn't being happy because he's available its an effort to sabotage whatever relationship that person has or is pursuing with another.
First of all, the reason she first told him about Mikono/Kagura - Apollon/Sylvie was not because she wanted Amata to leave Mikono for her. Amata was so worried about Kagura hurting Mikono that he nearly got crushed by a car so Zessica told him about the vision to *calm him down*. Nothing about pushing Amata to leave Mikono there.

Let's not forget that the vision in the mirror was Mykage's work who wanted to take advantage of her by raising her hope up and then crush it later to hijack her body. Even then, her first thought was to worry that Amata was going to be left behind in ep 14. And after telling Amata about the false vision she later told him in ep 16 that fate didn't matter and encouraged him to fight it which means to not give up Mikono to some fated lover. That was when fate was her only chance of getting Amata.

So no, Zessica didn't keep on telling Amata that Mikono and Kagura are fated lovers (I'm having trouble remembering Zessica talking to him about Apollon/Sylvie apart from episode 15) and she didn't push Amata to give up Mikono, that's patently wrong.

And Zessica was interested in Amata right from the first episode although it was probably more about his fighting ability then.
Spoiler for Proof:

She trusted him enough to ask him to accompany her home because of her fear of the dark in ep 7 (a plot point that I think may come into play again in the last episodes) so I'd argue that she started to like him subconsciously between ep 5 and 7.

Remember in ep 21 when she fondly remembered about her first time meeting Amata and her first gattai with him, not when they fought together in ep 8? It's because she was interested in him from the beginning.

She just saved him one time, other times she was just being passive aggressive about his relationship with Mikono.
- She called in Cayenne who shot Kagura in ep 15.
- She kissed him to save him from the Cherubim's attack in ep 21. And the reason they were there was because Amata thought Mikono was calling for him through his dream.
- She went through the dimensional gate and helped Amata and Shrade fight the Cherubim in ep 22 after hearing Amata's near confession to Mikono.
More than one time for me and all three times she did it out of her concern for him, not about him and Mikono in any way.

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