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Hillarious. People trying to put all the blame on evil Zessica.
Zessica's love at least come of as selfless, the same thing cannot be said of Amata's obssession who lets a comrade agonize under boulders to engage in a dickcontest with his love rival.

First : Zessica brought up the destiny thing in episode 15 to reassure Amata about the fact Kagura won't do anything bad to Mikono. After that she is perfectly honest and straightforwardly tell him it made her a little happy because it gave her a bit of hope. She was just honest because it was obvious it won't paint her in a good light from Amata's POV.

Second : In episode 17, seeing the whole destiny thing was hurting Amata (he thought then he wasn't the destined one), she cheered him on it, going against her best interest.

Third : the only one who is suffering from Zessica's love is Zessica. She hasn't tried to interfere, she has just been honest.

People just seem mad because Zessica's unrequited love highlights Mikono not seeming to care much about Amata or doing anything for him. (Be it intentionnal or bad writting for the sake of suspens and dragging).

Just to be clear, I don't ship ZessicaxAmata. I think the best thing that could have happened to her would have been idiot not interfering when she decided to have Izumo take her. Altea's brainwashing would have done wonder erasing her/his painful love. Besides poor Andy wouldn't be so sad.

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