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You know you watch way too much anime, when...


I totally forgot about this until, we had a topic named this (it was an old thread, but i could not find it in the forum search, so i guess it was still in 2005). I managed to save all 8 pages' (i think i made this list when no one replied anymore onto the thread) of these jokes into a huge list a while ago. Since it was for personal reasons (show it a few friends etc.), it "only" contains 90-95% of the jokes, cause it was a certain friend mainly and i had to make it PG-13 (well, at least I've tried it...I'm sure there are still some in it...and yes, just quickly watching thru the list, i left some :P). Since it is a pure list, it does not contains the authors, sorry. Anyways, here is the list, in the spoilers tag, since it is long, very long, but it is worth reading it:
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