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Originally Posted by kj1980
The sad thing is, it's exactly my life. My room has zero "real porn" and hundreds of ero-games, many of which I haven't even played yet.

When you realize that your HD-DVD recorder is all set to anime shows late at night, and when you set your TV-tuner equipped mobile phone to show a certain channel when you are commuting back home in the train.

Your favorite radio program is listening to seiyuu radioshows streaming over the internet.

When you can cite which director, staff, and which seiyuu are in each anime program, and you can do a "guess that seiyuu" when watching an anime for the first time.

Or, when your major objective of a new press release for an anime happens to be "which anime production company, which anime director, and which seiyuu will be doing which character" (Basically, you already know the anime since you've already read or played the game before the initial announcement that it was going to be animated. Hence, you are interested in predicting whether the anime adaptation will satisfy you or not by finding out who will be directing it and who will be voicing which certain characters.)

You end up buying an anime DVDs, only to watch it one time, keep the limited edition goods, and sell it at your local used DVD shop or at Amazon Japan in order to buy more anime DVDs.

Your bed consists of two life-sized dakimakura (hug pillows) from moe~ bishoujo game characters, and your computer desk is lined up with moe~ figurines, so of which costs over USD$800 at Wonderfest.

Your doujinshi collection spans over a decade of Comike.

Your CD collection and songs in your iPod is nothing but limited edition CDs, drama CDs, and anime/ero-game soundtracks.

Your bookcase consists of nothing but light novels and mangas that spans over two decades.

The rundown: You know you watched way too much anime when.... you become like me. It's a warning. Don't degrade yourself to my pathetic level.
Everything you've written here is true? Huh
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