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The old argument was that if Current was knocked down in steps, she should be level 3 at most to be kicked out, but she's clearly Level 1.

Originally Posted by judasmartel View Post
I thought you have to kill ALL level 9's to reach level 10.

But again, KYH did state that you only need to kill 5 level 9's to reach level 10. So yeah, if her statement is true (she hasn't told Haru everything so far), then Crow can avoid Lotus and Rain, his Level 9 allies.

So I got curious, what would be NN strategy this time, especially for Bell (time reverse alone does sound pretty hax to me)?
But Lotus already has one on her plate. She just needs four more heads, which makes better sense somewhat for her to go Level 10.

You mean a new Imperial Palace strategy? Someone did mention luring enemies with Bell, then attacking en masse. Then there are the Mystical Reins which work on Legendary Enemies, held by Lotus.

The rest is imagination and planning.

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