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Kashimashi Episode 6 Discussion/Poll

Welcome to this week's Episode of Kashimashi ~Girl Meets Girl~.

Thread Guidelines
  • No telling or asking for RAWs.
  • Try to keep Manga spoilers out of the anime thread. If you need to in reply to someone with a reference to the Manga, either PM them or use Spoiler tags (see example below).
  • Discuss your expectations of the episode if not aired.
  • Be polite to your fellow forum members.
  • Try to keep the discussion on topic and future episode spoilers out of the thread whenever possible.

Spoiler Tag Usage

Using Spoiler Tags is easy. Using this...

[spoiler=Hazumu and Yasuna]Hazumu and Yasuna are both men.[/spoiler]

....will get you this...

Spoiler for Hazumu and Yasuna:
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