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I also have an uncontrollable susceptibility towards slice-of-life anime. It doesn't terribly surprise me that I liked Bartender, given the premise and what I've heard of it, etc, etc. But it is nice that I can actually say I liked it after I watched it. And it is nice.

Rather surreal at times, though. The story's certainly aren't anywhere near as profound as Mushishi or similar (well, not the one we saw in the first ep anyway). In fact, I think we can all put the Mushishi comparisons to bed now that we've seen the first ep. ARIA is a far better comparison now, particularly given the feel-good mood and the fact that it most definitely belongs in the "healing" genre.

I wouldn't say the animation is bad, but there wasn't a great deal that really tested the animators. I did like some of the cinematography and segue, though... some of it was really clever and eye catching. Absolutely loved some of the music, though.

There are times where I thought the story was a bit stupid. It's obvious they're not aiming for anything overly profound here, but I think the way they handled it made it respectable, even if it wasn't terribly interesting. This is clearly more a character-focused thing and I think the appeal of the stories in future episodes will be more an emotional one than an intellectual one. Which is fine by me.

Good stuff. I think I'm going to thoroughly enjoy this anime.
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