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It's been announced a while ago, but seeing as how Ryukishi-san just posted the jacket illustrations up, I figured I'll make a post here too.

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Rei


The biggest disappointment I had with Matsuribayashi-hen personally was the lack of a proper after-story (epilogue). Although Ryukishi-san himself mentioned that he did it on purpose so that the players can imagine their own endings, a lot of people probably still would've wanted to see something presented in physical form. Which is why I was pretty happy to hear that one is being written. Now that it's done, all that's left is the long wait until winter comiket.

As for the scenario name, 賽殺し編.... Sai...koroshi? A pun on saikoro (dice)?

昼壊し = Daybreak made me laugh a little.
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