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Originally Posted by Thisguy View Post
Ahahahaha, of course we could never seen such a light-hearted poem until now with Rules and such

I don't think the poem has anything to do with the complaints. Ryukishi-san has never bent his stories just because certain fans wanted to see something. Besides, Rei is meant to be a form of gratitude from Ryukishi-san to the fans who have gathered throughout the 4 and a half years that it took to complete the series.

Either way, it's quite clear that Ryukishi-san is going to put the Higurashi series to rest (for now) with this final "epilogue" scenario.

The meaning of the poem is obviously "selfishness and greed ultimately results in loss". And it's probably referring to something in the story. Really though, Frederica's poems are meant to be read once in the beginning, and then once more after the completion of the scenario. So just be patient and wait for it.
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