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Well, I don't feel like getting dragged into another pointless Shkannon quagmire, so I'll just say that absence of evidence is not evidence of absence and set it aside. I also think your reinterpretations of the red text are unsupportable given what we know of Beato's character. I suppose I'll attack a few things though.

I showed evidence of ShKanon, the fact that Battler never sees them together is an evidence itself and remember that Knox's rules can be put under interpretation

Beato's Past
There is no evidence that Beatrice 2 ever had a child by Kinzo, or that she was ever raped or mistreated by him. The interaction between them that we saw showed that she considered him to be a friend or a father figure. The possibility that 1986 Beatrice is Beatrice 2's child is explicitly denied by Nanjo and Genji. Knox 8, it is forbidden to solve the case with clues that have not been presented.

Actually it is clear there is a connection between Battler and Beato, the weird Beato's use of red when speaking is a clue itself. And Battler is 19 years old. So there should be a Beatrice 19 years old. And Genji and Nanjo should be Beatrice's accomplices. And also, the little Beatrice in the dream of metaBeato refers to a grandfather that could be Kinzo.

Furthermore, you claim that the scene of Young Beato at Kuwadorian calling Kinzo "grandfather" is evidence of this hypothetical Beatrice 3. However, all shipment of supplies to the Kuwadorian dock ended in 1968, and it would be ridiculous to abandon that dock in favor of transporting supplies through three miles of forest while running the risk of catching Krauss and Natsuhi's notice. Since it's difficult to believe that anyone could have been living there after 1968, the scene in question must have taken place before 1968, meaning that the hypothetical Beatrice 3 couldn't be 19 years old in 1986.

In fact I said that Beato did not live in Kuwadorian, she probably has lived somewhere outside the island and had a normal life until six years ago.

Episode 1:
You have claimed that Kanon was dead at the beginning of the episode, meaning that every time we saw Kanon, it was actually Shannon. The servants would never mistake another human for Kanon. You've claimed that Genji and Kumasawa were accomplices for various reasons, but why didn't Gohda say anything to Natsuhi about it?

As Beato's accomplice Gohda is lying. And Natsuhi is not a servant, she is a member of the family.

Shannon appears to have very large breasts which would be impossible to bind for the purposes of a Kanon disguise. Therefore, your theory requires that Shannon normally be using pads, which she removed when she disguised herself. However, that would certainly be noticed by Battler if he succeeded in groping her in the morning, and yet she didn't even attempt to avoid him. This does not make sense.

There are many methods she can use to hide her breast.

But let's assume that somehow "Kanon" really was Shannon. At the fifth twilight, when the rest of the survivors arrived in the boiler room, the stake that was supposedly used in the attack was already lying on the ground. In other words, there is no concrete evidence that Shannon/Kanon was actually stabbed with it. Furthermore, the existence of fake blood on the island has already been demonstrated repeatedly.

But let's even assume Shannon/Kanon was actually stabbed. In addition to Nanjo, George and Jessica went along to help with treatment. Shannon/Kanon's top would have been removed to clean the wound, meaning that Shannon's identity would have been immediately exposed to everyone present. In that case, why didn't anyone say anything?

Nanjo is Beato's accomplice, he would never let the identity to be exposed.

Episode 2
Kanon died in Jessica's room. You have not presented any evidence explaining why Shannon would have killed him there. Furthermore, doing so would have left blood that would need to be cleaned up somehow without alerting Jessica, who lives in that room.

I never said it was Shannon to kill him, I think it was Beatrice and maybe he killed him there according to metaBeatrice.

Episode 3
No elements other than humans have any influence on this game board. This comprehensively denies the interference of beings from the meta world. You have not presented a motive that would explain Piece Beatrice's actions in the absence of meta interference.

The interferies could have been before the starting of the game.

Episode 4
You say that Jessica was threatened into telling her witch story to Battler over the phone. In that case, why was she laughing the whole time, and why did she say something strange like "I hear that I've been killed"?

Because that is what she heard. And because maybe that really made her laugh.

Episode 6
What Battler and Beato said about the person limit was: Even if we welcome you, the number of people is seventeen. That's not a limit, but an exact number. There are no more or less than seventeen living people on the island, so your explanation of why she's the 18th human on Rokkenjima doesn't work.

It is not an 18th human, but a 17th.
Beatrice + Krauss + Eva + Rudolph + Rosa + Jessica + George + Battler + Maria + Natsuhi + Hideyoshi + Kyrie + Nanjo + Genji + Shannon / Kanon + Kumasawa + Gohda = 17
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